Aerocon AAC Blocks

AAC blocks are smarter choice of technology over traditional use of bricks as compared to today’s depleting resources. It is a complete green product as it is manufactured by using fly ash of the thermal power plants.  It comes in wide range of sizes as compared to clay bricks or concrete blocks.

Benefits over Red Clay Bricks:

  1. Super Acoustic Insulation
  2. Reduced Structural Cost of upto 20% (foundation load upto 30%)
  3. Energy savings upto 15-20 %
  4. Termite & Mold Resistant
  5. State of the art German Technology
  6. Lighter in weight
  7. 4 hours fire resistance
  8. Minimum Thermal Conductivity
  9. Minimum density
  10. Reduced labor costs

Introduction of Aerocon Blocks

AAC Block Water absorption Demo